Backflow Preventer Testing & Installations

Backflow testing is a separate licence above and beyond that of the red seal plumbing licence. We are fully licenced to work on these devices in your home or office. Give us a call to set up an annual test schedule to ensure they are working properly. The propose of a Backflow preventer is to protect the potable water system against contamination or pollution. There are many different styles of backflow prevention devices available which all serve a specific purpose. We can identify your needs and ensure they are met to uphold the law. A Back-flow preventer is needed anywhere potable water meets chemicals, bodily fluids, gray water or anything else that might render the water non-potable.

backflow preventer


Save your drinking water.

These devices primarily work to prevent Back-siphonage or Back pressure from drawing harmful substances into the cities drinking water. There are many laws surrounding these units and it’s a public health concern.

Eliminate public health risks

There are hundreds of cases where back pressure could cause a serious threat to public health with the proper back flow prevention device installed it eliminates those risks.

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