Fixture Repairs & Installations

Fixtures are apart of our everyday life, for the most part we take them for granted. Yet when they breakdown we can’t live without them or they damage property! We try to stay ahead of the curve, call us to book a maintenance appointment we’ll inspect each fixture and service them accordingly. 

Interested in getting all new fixtures installed? No problem we can install any products you’ve purchased or supply them for you.


Lavatory Faucets

Replace the cartridges check for physical damage, inspect supply lines or replace depending on the condition.

Kitchen Faucet

The King of faucets, most frequently used and warn down these things take a beating. Our technicians always rebuild the kitchen faucet or replace them depending on their condition.


Sometimes the bathtub enclosure can become moldy regardless of how much you try to clean them. We can rework the silicone to make it good as new!


Typically, we rebuild toilet tanks while we are on site. Toilets are the leading cause of wasted water in the average home sometimes they run on racking up a water bill this will keep those costs down.

Garden Faucets

We check to make sure these faucets function smoothly and rebuild if they don’t. We will install hose bib vacuum breakers which is code in Ontario. In short the propose of a hose bib vacuum breaker is to protect the potable water system from contamination or pollution.

Shower Control Trim Kits

Over time the chrome face places can become filthy and unable to clean we can replace all ecstatic cover plates making your shower look good as new.

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