Reset Toilet Tank Water Level

Reset Toilet Tank Water Level

When you hear a toilet running that sound is actually the water inside the tank flowing into the overflow pipe. The cause of this is usually due to the float ball that has been adjusted to set the level of the tank water above the overflow pipe. Today we will provide you with 3 ways to resent your tank water level and get your toilet back to running in tip top shape.

Fix #1: Bend The Float Arm

The float ball is connected to the plunger inside your toilets tank via a float arm. As your tank fills with water the float rises which in turn lifts the float arm. When the water reaches a certain point the float arm depresses the plunger. This pushes the plunger into the bottom of the tank to stop the flow of water. In some cases if you bend the float arm downward by just a little bit it will depress the plumber at a lower water level fixing the issue.

Fix #2: The Diaphragm Fill Valve

The diaphragm fill valve is another quick way to lower the water level of the tank. Simply turn the screw found on the top of the valve in a clock wise direction and test to see if that fixes your issue.

Fix #3: Adjust The Float Cup Fill Valve

The float cup fill valve is very easy to adjust in order to lower the water level. To do so simply pinch the spring clip on the site of the float cup fill valve using either your fingers or pliers. While pressed you can slide the float cup fill valve up and down the pull rod and shank. Adjust the valve and test to see if that fixes the problem, if not readjust and retest until all is well.

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